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“I want to express my gratitude to Champion by Design and you for working with us on what is one of the most elusive and thorniest aspects of peak wrestling performance – mental preparation/training. 

Long ago as a competitive wrestler it became apparent to me that most of the difference between great performances and not-so-great performances by the same individual was in his state of mind. As a coach I have for over two decades searched and experimented with with various approaches of mental preparation to help my athletes achieve their peak performance and to avoid the sub-par execution that is the greatest fear in high-stakes competition. The differences between wrestlers, the differences in their experiences, and the complexity of the human mind has traditionally made this problem a tough nut to crack. 

Until meeting you I had not come across anyone within or outside of our sport who was applying as wide of a range of practices and theories of the mind as were you. I consider you a pioneer in a very challenging field of endeavor and the uniqueness of your position brings to mind the phrase “if it were easy then everyone would be doing it.”

I appreciate your having worked with us within our limitations and your investment in the success of our team. I have seen positive changes in our athletes and this success we have had so far causes us to very much look forward to our continuing to work together. 

My willingness to seek every innovation to find an edge for our wrestlers combined with your innovative approach to get the most out of the human mind has been a good match. When our wrestling program reaches the level where our athletes are getting maximum out of their potential, which I hope and believe will be soon,Champion by Design will be playing a crucial role in that success.”

Leo Kocher
Head Coach, Wrestling
The University of Chicago


“I listen to my Champion By Design to go on the mat and wrestle my match.”

Spenser Mango
2X Olympian
6X World Team Member
7X U.S. Open Champion
World University Champion


“I started working with Enrique in 2004 after retiring from freestyle wrestling. I had previously made a couple of National Teams and won a couple of Armed Forces titles. I was serving in the Army and had a really bad back.

I was asked by Army Coach Lewis to replace another athlete in my old weight class who had been hurt. He needed me to wrestle Greco, I had only wrestled Freestyle my whole career. I had to lose probably 20 pounds and I only had a week to train.

I went to Enrique. He told me about this heated bed that’s chiropractic. While I was laying down on it, he gave me these headphones to listen to. These headphones hypnotized me. They got me to eliminate self doubt. They got me to believe that when Iím tired Iím really not tired and to even push harder.

I ended up going to Nationals. I went out first round and had a guy I beat pretty easily. Then I had a pretty tough guy. Then, two guys from the Army, I think seeded 3rd and 4th. I beat them. Then I beat Joe Betterman. He was on the World Team and made the 2008 Olympic Team. I went 7 and 1. I lost to one guy named Sam Hazewinkle. I ended up taking 3rd. I won a Bronze medal. We won Nationals as a Team and I retired again.

In 2007, the new guy on the team named Jermaine Hodge got sick three days before weigh-ins of Armed Forces. Coach told me I had to wrestle. I had been training Freestyle for three weeks. With three days to go before the Armed Forces, I was told I had wrestle Greco again. I also had to wrestle under new rules. They are consistently changing.

I grabbed my old uniform from 2006 and the <CBD program> was in it with the same headphones. As soon as I put them on it snapped me into that mental state and I went out there and I won Armed Forces.

Then I went to Las Vegas and had to wrestle Greco at Nationals. I used the headphones again. Almost the same performance. I beat Jermaine Hodge, who was on the National Team that year. He won the Nationals in 2009. I beat a slew of other guys and I ended up taking third again with zero training in Greco.

I attribute it all to just what I had in my mind. While I was wrestling, people always thought that I was talking to myself. I really was talking to myself. All I was repeating in my head is what I was hearing in those headphones.

In between rounds, you have the 30 second break, I’m thinking, I was in the zone. I was saying exactly what I was hearing. I beat some of the best guys in the nation. And I attribute it all to Champion By Design.”

Eric Albarracin
Captain Americano
UFC TUF Brazil Coach
Pit Bull Brothers Coach
Former Head Wrestling Coach at Team Nogueira


“Fascinating tools that have helped me gain insights into myself and others. A most amazing experience. Enrique’s work has taught me that there is more and that there is another whole level that I can achieve. This experience has enhanced my life further by helping me uncover a whole other level that I can achieve. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to create transformation in their life.”

Robert Wolfson



“I believe in Enrique Montiel and the Life Enhancement Systems. I know and understand the years of research Enrique has put into developing this system. I have participated in his research and have witnessed how the system has enhanced 2008 Olympic Champion Henry Cejudo’s performance in China. Wellness is essential for optimal performance, if we are to reach our true and real potential. I have known Enrique for over 15 years and I endorse his system and program.”

Kevin Jackson
Olympic Champion
2X World Champion

Olympic Team Head Coach
Distinguished Member of the National and International Hall of Fame
Head Coach, Iowa State University


It was some good stuff. I feel a lot better about a lot of the negativity and the doubts. I feel my confidence level is up about ten more notches. It just took me to another level. You really just focus in on yourself not the people, not the hype. I’m going to use the relaxation in between my matches, the motivational pump before my matches. I’m going to use what I’ve got. You’ll see. It was worth every minute, every second. This is the Olympic Games and I’ve felt like itís hit me a little harder. I’d like to get other people to do it. I’m a big believer in the mind, the body, meditation. Thanks a lot Enrique. I appreciate it.”

Henry Cejudo
Olympic Champion
UFC TUF 24 Coach

Champion Professional MMA Fighter


“If you could change your beliefs systems, and this is what the Champion By Design program does, you are going to have so much more success.”

Stephen Neal 
3X NFL Super Bowl Champion
World Champion Wrestler
FILA World Wrestler of the Year
2X NCAA Champion
Distinguished Member, National Wrestling Hall of Fame


“I’ve made some great changes this year and had a ton of help. One tool that I have been using is my Champion By Design program. Positive thinking helps to achieve positive results… work onthe mental part of your game.”

Daniel Cormier
2X Olympian
UFC Champion


“The unexplored frontier of all sports… the mind is a final factor in victory no matter what. The untapped resource of athletes is the mental game and CHAMPION By Design addresses that better than anything I’ve ever seen.”

Bobby Douglas, America’s Coach

2X Olympian
2X World Medalist (Silver and Bronze)
2X Olympic Team Coach
NCAA Championship Team Coach
Author of six books (Including the commissioned International Curriculum of Wrestling)


“I’m on the World Team right now everyday working to get that Gold Medal. I am getting my mental game down with different Champion By Design tracks that I listen to getting ready up to the World Championships. I’ve been using CBD since I made a turning point. I used it after the Open up onto the World Team Trials, relaxing listening to a few tracks before I go to bed. This season I came in more relaxed. No worries, knowing what I needed to do to win. Everything is good the way it came together.”

Shawn Bunch
World Team Member
National Champion
PRO MMA Fighter


“Workouts have been strong. Physically and mentally, especially mentally. With Champion By Design and working with Enrique I feel that it’s put me to a new level. I believe in it. It’s taught me to open my mind and learn to think a different way. In that way it helps my training and it makes me a better all around athlete.”

Danny Felix
World Team Member
National Champion
Assistant Coach, West Virginia University

0990-FarukHandRaised09Nationals.jpg: U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program Greco-Roman wrestler Spc. Faruk Sahin gets his right hand raised after winning the 145.4-pound division at the 2009 U.S. National Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas while clutching his baby boy's bootie in his left hand. Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs

“Pumped me up. Champion By Design pumped me up before my competition. Really, I have never had that much confidence. I want to thank Champion By Design for hooking me up with the program. You know what you are doing. It was great before the competition. Even wearing the shirt was awesome, CBD!”

Faruk Sahin
World Team Member
National Champion


“Champion By Design came out in the third round when I needed it.”

Mo Lawal
World Light Heavyweigt Champion (Strikeforce)
World Team Member
National Champion


“Champion By Design (@championXdesign), my secret weapon. Arma secreto! Siguem por favor!”

Rodrigo ‘Big Nog’ Nogueira @minotauromma
Legendary UFC PRO MMA Champion
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“Champion By Design (@championXdesign), will be my weapon of choice for UFC Sweden”

Rogerio ‘Little Nog’ Nogueira @minotauromma
Legendary UFC PRO MMA Fighter
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“Champion By Design has really been helping me with my drive and focus.”

Glenn Garrison
2X U.S. Open Champion
4X Olympic Trials Placewinner