Imitated but never duplicated. The Champion By Design Beyond Mindset High Performance Success Systems. Established 1995.

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Every Champion By Design high performance mental success program will help you get the edge and keep the edge with the evidence based science approach that is World, Olympic, Professional approved.

The CHAMPION By Design system will help you where you need most. Benefits include these areas and more:

  • Peak performance
  • Monster toughness
  • Confidence boost
  • Motivation increase
  • Stress reduction
  • Recovery improvement
  • Get the edge

Champions all over the world agree that the most important part of their success at the highest level comes down to their mental preparation. CHAMPION By Design™ is a powerful training system that can support you in taking your life to the next level by helping you harness the most important part of the success equation, the power of your mind. Start one of the powerful and life changing Champion By Design programs today. Your breakthrough is waiting for you!


In this CBD™ Startup Kit you will learn all about how CHAMPION by design™ can systematically develop this most important component of success. CBD™ is fully tested, World and Olympic Champion approved.

$495.00 / US (Tuition may be eligible as credit for full programs)

*Scholarships/tuition assistance available. Contact us for eligibility information – (719) 200-4391. 


You’ve waited for the season. You’ve dreamed about it. You’re putting it all on the line. The only way to be the best is for you to be your best. What would give you the competitive edge? Champion By Design develops your mental toughness at both conscious and subconscious levels with the beliefs, attitudes and strategies that World and Olympic Champions use to be successful. This CBD program includes: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ELEVATE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL. GUARANTEED. 


$2,995.00 / US (Up to 6 mo)

*Scholarships/tuition assistance available. Contact us for eligibility information – (719) 200-4391. 

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