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Every CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design high performance mental success mindset training program will help you get the edge and keep the edge with the evidence based science approach that is World, Olympic, Professional approved. Unstoppable success at every stage of life.

The CHAMPION MINDSET by Champion By Design success system will help you where you need most.

CHAMPION MINDSET by Champion By Design program benefits include:


Unstoppable confidence – Champions from all over the world agree that the most important part of their success at the highest level comes down to their mental preparation. CHAMPION MINDSET by Champion By Design is a powerful training system that can support you in taking the results in your life to the next level by helping you harness the most important part of the success equation, the unlimited power of your mind. Start one of the powerful and life changing CHAMPION MINDSET by Champion By Design programs today. Your breakthrough is waiting for you! Get the edge by increasing your toughness, confidence, motivation and internal drive.


In the CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design Intro Kit you will learn all about how CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design™ can systematically develop this most important component of success. Champion By Design is fully tested, World and Olympic Champion approved.





The CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design PROGRAM SEASON JUMP START system develops your mental toughness and unstoppable confidence at deep levels with the success mindset and strategies that breakout National, World, and Olympic Champions use to be successful. You’re putting it all on the line this season and the only way to be the best is for you to be your best. CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design programs include: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO ELEVATE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL. GUARANTEED. 





Champion By Design is the original success mindset program for wrestling, grappling, and combative sport.

Your next great breakthrough will come from an upgrade in your thinking. The mind is the final factor in success and it can be powerfully developed with the CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design success system.


CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design programs for Wrestling are the trusted beyond mindset training and proven science based Gold standard for tapping the full potential of the wrestler.

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-8-43-34-am“If you could change your belief system, and this is what the Champion By Design program does, you are going to have so much more success.”

-Stephen Neal, UWW World Champion, 2X NCAA Wrestling Champion, 3X NFL Superbowl Champion

Program benefits: 

  • FEEL MORE FOCUSED – Reach your goals more powerfully and rapidly with this proven evidence based scientific approach.

  • FEEL MORE CONFIDENT – Boost performance beginning immediately to a next level.

  • FEEL MORE PASSION – Intensify, revitalize and powerfully enhance your passion for success.

  • LEARN MUCH FASTER – Accelerate learning and mastery of new skills (physical, emotional, mental) up to 300% faster.

  • FEEL FRESHER – Recover faster, deeper, and better from life, training, competition, and work.

leokocheruoc“Until meeting you I had not come across anyone within or outside of our sport who was applying as wide of a range of practices and theories of the mind as were you. I consider you a pioneer…”

-Head Coach Leo Kocher, University of Chicago

You have trained so hard and have developed a powerful skill set. With CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design programs for Wrestling you will unlock your potential more precisely, powerfully, and consistently than ever before.


CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design for Wrestling programs are cutting edge human performance systems based on over twenty five years of research, testing and application at every competitive level.

“I listen to my Champion By Design to go on the mat and wrestle my match.”

-Spenser Mango, 2X Olympian, 7X World Team Member, World Champion (University)

Professional athletes, Olympians, World Team Members, National Collegiate Athletes, National High School Athletes and more have helped develop this one of a kind powerful system. Now you can tap this powerful system that was built with you and your needs in mind.

dsc03078-eric-albarracin-enrique-montiel“I was in the zone. I was saying exactly what I was hearing. I beat some of the best guys in the nation and I attribute it all to Champion By Design.”

-Coach Eric “Captain Americano” Albarracin

CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design for Wrestling is designed and field tested. It brings you the powerful gains you need and want without adding extra time and workload to your busy schedule. This system works great at any age. 


The original and most powerful mindset training and coaching program in the world. CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design is powerful, proven and simply easy to use.


“With Champion By Design I feel that it’s put me to a new level. I believe in it. It’s taught me to open my mind and learn to think a different way. 

-Coach Danny Felix, West Virginia University, World Team Member & National Champion

CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design continues to evolve and improve with close input from Olympians, World Championship athletes, Professional athletes, and high performance experts from around the world. Master your mind. Reach more of your full potential today.


The CHAMPION MINDSET Champion By Design for Wrestling program is a one of a kind total life success system that helps you tap into your full human potential. Satisfaction guaranteed.



“I remember what Champion By Design did for me Enrique. Don’t think I forgot.” @Rio2016 Olympic Games

Enrique Montiel Henry Cejudo Champion By Design Beyond Mindset Olympic Games

“It was some good stuff. I feel a lot better about a lot of the negativity and the doubts. I feel my confidence level is up about ten more notches. It just took me to another level. You really just focus in on yourself not the people, not the hype. I’m going to use the relaxation in between my matches, the motivational pump before my matches. I’m going to use what I’ve got. You’ll see. It was worth every minute, every second. This is the Olympic Games and I’ve felt like it’s hit me a little harder. I’m a big believer in the mind, the body, meditation. I’d like to get other people to do it. Thanks a lot Enrique. I appreciate it.”

-Henry Cejudo, Author, Olympic Champion, UFC Champion, UFC TUF 24 COACH


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